Handsome Tom Brady is becoming slightly less handsome

You might want to sit down for this one. It's rough news, and I'm not sure how you'll take it.

Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback and bastion of all that is oozing with sex appeal, could be (gulp) losing his hair.

The New York Post's Page Six followed Tom into a building that houses a bunch of medical offices. They called the podiatrist's office ... no Tom. They called the chiropractic office ... again, no Tom. And then they called AMD Lab USA, a hair loss treatment facility (or, state of the art non-hormonal hair restoration and care facility, if you'd rather) ... and this time, they got a "no comment."

Tom apparently has no interest in going bald gracefully, a la Matt Hasselbeck. But, in case the AMD Lab's efforts aren't successful, the Patriots are already said to be working on a special jersey patch, commemorating the loss of Tom's glorious mane. Early sketches have it looking something like the image to your right.

God speed, Tom. God speed.

• The Bald Truth About Tom Brady? / Page Six

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