About half of you really, really, really don't like Tom Brady

The results from yesterday's vote keep pouring in, and your voice has been heard, loud and clear: "This poll is terrible, and the writer is a bad person! But, you know, while I'm here, you know, I might as well go ahead and vote for Tom Brady."

The results, as of about 3:30 today.

Wow. Imagine what Brady's numbers would've been like if he'd actually won something this year.

Certainly, much of the Brady vote is due to outright jealousy. Chances are, Handsome Tom is way better than the quarterback of your team, and chances are, Handsome Tom is shacking up with someone way hotter than whoever you're shaking up with.

And some of it might be because of SpyGate, or the child he fathered out of wedlock. I don't know. It seems like children-out-of-wedlock should be pretty low on the list of things we hold against athletes. Tom's biggest crime here appears to be being a really good quarterback.

It seems that you like pretty much everyone else, though, you big bunch of sweetheart. Tony Romo's one possible exception, though. I was surprised to see him in 2nd place. Again, this might be the hotter-girlfriend-than-yours factor.

Voting's still open, if you'd like to get in another vote for your least favorite player. Good luck with anyone catching Evil Handsome Tom, though.

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