I guess Tom Brady didn't make much of an impression on Randy Moss

ESPN's John Clayton had an interesting tidbit about Randy Moss's venture into free agency this weekend. Actually, "interesting" isn't the right word. Let's change that to "baffling."

On Saturday night, [Moss] came up with an interesting idea. He reached out to Daunte Culpepper, his former quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings. The two former teammates discussed the possibility of finishing what they started in Minnesota on any NFL team interested, sources told ESPN.com.

Let me see if I understand this. Randy just spent a year catching passes from Tom Brady, and he wants to reunite with Daunte freakin' Culpepper? For God's sake, why? It's like Kevin Garnett sitting around and saying, "I really wish I could get back together with Rasho Nesterovic," or Shawn Michaels saying, "If only I could recapture my glory days with Marty Jannetty."

I think the only appropriate conclusion to be drawn here is that Tom Brady, all season long, had been molesting Randy Moss. Nothing else make sense. The only way any receiver, let alone an elite one like Moss, would want to leave his current quarterback for Daunte Culpepper is if his current quarterback was touching him in inappropriate places.

You think Culpepper's face lit up at all when he saw Moss's name on the caller ID? "Wow, here's my chance to fool people into thinking I'm good again!"

Moss, Culpepper talk about reuniting via free agency / ESPN

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