I guess Shawne Merriman’s going to keep doing that stupid dance

Shutdown Corner

I thought maybe we had seen the last of Shawne Merriman's sack "dance." I figured, maybe through some humility after some injured/unproductive seasons, or maybe just the fact that he'd never be good enough to sack the quarterback again, that the thing might be dead.

It's not. It was on full display in Buffalo this weekend, as the new Bills linebacker rackedup two and a half sacks against the Chicago Bears. And then his body had that convulsive fit that makes you think someone ought to grab his tongue so he doesn't swallow it.

Even though I was never thrilled about having to root for him, I'll be happy for him if he succeeds in Buffalo. As a Chargers fan, I think all parties realized it was time to part ways, and super lame sack celebration or no, I'm always happy to see anyone yank their career out of the dumpster.

About that, though.

Two sacks in a half is a nice accomplishment, but let's keep in mind who they were against. A colossal failure by J'Marcus Webb, Bears left tackle/cone, failure was instrumental in each play Merriman made. The Bills were even able to annihilate Webb last year, pre-Merriman, as Buffalo Rumblings reminds us.

In a Week 9 loss to the Bears in Toronto [last season], Buffalo's beleaguered run defense and pass rush had field days against Webb and a horrific Bears offensive line. Chris Kelsay ran by Webb like the latter was a tackling dummy all day. The Bears ran for 105 yards (a remarkably low total by last year's standards), and though Jay Cutler was sacked just once, he was forced to scramble five times for 39 yards.

So yeah. It's great news for the Bills and Merriman that he was able to get back in the groove in one preseason game. It doesn't necessarily mean, though, that we're going to be seeing a whole lot of that "dance."

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