Greg Schiano runs a tighter ship than Raheem Morris, says Ronde Barber

Veteran cornerback Ronde Barber offered a little glimpse into why last season's Bucs campaign turned into a massive shipwreck (sorry).

Then-coach Raheem Morris evidently had a loosey-goosey approach to things, and, according to Ronde, it wasn't a great fit with the young, not-super-mature roster. Here's the quote via Ira Kaufman from

"They have a very direct purpose,'' Barber said. "The ship's a little bit tighter than it was last year, but that's a good thing. We needed direction. We have a bunch of young men that need guidance and (Schiano) is giving it to them. He's very direct about it and I think that's the way it should be. I like the approach and I think it'll work well for us.''

So it turns out that Raheem Morris has a little bit of Norv in him. And that's probably not good, at least for the purposes of Raheem Morris's future win/loss record. But the upside is that if Raheem lands with the right team, they'll never ever fire him, no matter how often and how severely he falls short of expectations. Norv-style.

Just to be clear, I'm not arguing against a player-friendly style of coaching. And I'm not saying Raheem Morris is a bad coach, either. There's a place for coaches who let things get a little bit familiar; most likely on veteran teams who generally police themselves and have established leadership. Ronde Barber probably doesn't need someone in his face telling him what's what, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not a team full of Ronde Barbers.

No, the young Bucs "needed direction," and apparently, Schiano's giving it to them. From watching him at Rutgers, I know he's not shy about getting in a guy's face and giving him stern, loud, angry "direction." Maybe that's what can get the Bucs back to their 10-6 form of 2010, as opposed to their limp, lifeless 4-12 of 2011.