Green Bay schools close early to welcome home the Packers

It's the kind of thing that might upset a few people out there, but Green Bay schools are shutting down early Monday so the kids can go watch the Packers return home from the Super Bowl. From the AP:

Schools in Green Bay will close early so children can join their families to welcome the world champion Packers back home Monday afternoon.

Police have charted the motorcade course and will escort the team from the airport to Lambeau Field. A Return to Titletown celebration will be held Tuesday afternoon at Lambeau Field.

Does this send the message to kids that athletes are kings, and that education takes a backseat to athletic accomplishment? That is one way to look at it. I can't say that's not a valid concern.

But think of it more as promoting a sense of community. Green Bay is a little city that's tied very closely to its professional football team. It's something that brings people together there.

Maybe it's not a great thing if we say, "Our group of rich athletes scored more points than some other city's group of rich athletes, and that is more important than science." But I don't think that's necessarily what's happening here.

I don't see a huge issue with giving kids a couple hours off from school in order to instill a sense of community, and belonging to something bigger than themselves. Enjoy yourselves, Green Bay.