Green Bay Packers getting after it with some training camp fights

Training camp fights are fairly dumb. You're fighting your own teammates, and typically punching someone's helmet isn't going to turn out well.

But they happen, and they happened a few times at Green Bay Packers practice today.

The folks at WLUK, the Fox affiliate in Green Bay, had the video of the brouhahas and fracases, and there was some serious scrapping going on.

The featured fight happened between tight end Jermichael Finley and linebacker Jarvis Reed. Finley starts throwing some serious haymakers to Reed's helmet (again, not smart, especially for a pass catcher who will be a free agent after the season), until big Johnny Jolly comes in and clears house. All we needed was a steel chair and the Spanish announcers' table.

There are a couple other practice fights on the video, as it was pretty clear the Packers are not at all enjoying the dog days of camp. Nobody got hurt during the fights, which pretty much means that's the only time a Packers player hasn't been suffering an injury lately.

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