Google might be trying to break DirecTV’s stranglehold on NFL Sunday Ticket

We all know a few people who subscribe to DirecTV, at least in part, because of NFL Sunday Ticket.

The NFL's exclusive contract with the satellite television provider to show games that aren't on the local broadcast has been a great business deal for both sides. DirecTV has undoubtedly seen its subscriber base increase from it. The NFL likes money, and DirecTV gave the league $4 billion worth when it extended the contract in 2009.

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But that contract runs out after the 2014 season, and Google seems interested in getting in on the action., a site for technology, Internet and media news, says Google CEO Larry Page and YouTube head of content and business operations Robert Kyncl, met Tuesday with a group from the NFL that included commissioner Roger Goodell. AllThingsD reported that NFL Sunday Ticket was discussed. It's interesting to consider the possibilities.

While NFL Sunday Ticket has been adding more options such as watching on your computer, tablet or phone ("Football on Your Phone," y'all), but with Google and YouTube apparently ready to make a huge investment in the NFL package, you know there would be some creative ideas hatched to deliver NFL video to fans.

If nothing else, Google's apparent interest gives the NFL some additional leverage when the Sunday Ticket package officially goes up for bid. The NFL will enjoy the extra money, and its fans should benefit from the multimedia promises the next provider should have to make to land the deal.

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