Goodell says labor talks could be done soon. No one believes him

Roger Goodell, cockeyed optimist?

The NFL commissioner says he thinks labor negotiations between the owners and player's union can resolve by the Super Bowl.

From the Associated Press:

At the league's fall meetings in October, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he considered it realistic to have a new CBA by the end of the regular season, which is Jan. 2.

Goodell said he doesn't think it is practical to expect negotiations to get serious enough fast enough for that to happen. However, he said, "I think the end of the postseason is realistic."

Not everyone agrees:

Peter King later Tweeted that he doesn't believe Goodell believes there will be a CBA done by then. So why all the political double-speak? Is Goodell angling for a career in Washington?

He's not lying, per se, he's answering a tough question in the way he best sees fit. It's like when a college football coach is asked whether he'll stay at his university forever. "Of course," he answers, as his phone vibrates with a call from his agent telling him about his next job. In high-profile jobs like this, massaging the truth comes with the territory. What was Goodell supposed to say, "no comment?" That would have led to speculation that he was bracing for a lockout.

But I hope there was at least some truth in Goodell's statement. Because the quicker we can end labor talks, the better. More importantly, Adam Schefter would look pretty awesome with a 'stache.

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