Goodell will take a $1 salary if there's a work stoppage

If the anticipated NFL work stoppage comes to fruition, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell won't let anyone accuse him of kicking back and cashing checks while no one else is making any money.

According to Jason LaCanfora, the commissioner will reduce his own salary to $1 per year if there's no football.

Makes sense to me. If a man is charged with running the NFL, and the NFL isn't running, then I don't know why that man would deserve a paycheck. In fact, I think a yearly salary of $1 would still leave Goodell overpaid. By about $1.

You don't have to worry about the Goodell family going hungry, though. The commissioner made $9.76 million a year ago.

Jeff Pash, the NFL's chief labor negotiator, will also have his salary dip to a buck in the event of a work stoppage.

I hate to be the skeptic, but I don't know how much of this is out of actual necessity and how much of this is a pure public relations move. Maybe it's a sincere gesture of compromise in the spirit of finding a fair agreement. Maybe it's a pre-emptive move to take a little PR ammo away from the other side. Maybe Goodell and Pash are pretty sure they'll be taken care of when a work stoppage ends, so there's no actual sacrifice at all. I don't know.

Just work it out, gentlemen.

Gracias, The Huddle.

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