The good news and bad news of Daunte Culpepper's UFL landing

Daunte Culpepper(notes) is about to be employed as a professional football player once again. It won't be with an NFL team, though. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, it will be with the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions.

Not being able to land a job anywhere in the NFL, even as a third-stringer, has got to be difficult to accept for Culpepper, who most recently played quarterback for the Detroit Lions. We're talking about a two-time All-Pro, a three-time Pro Bowler and a guy who once graced the cover of Madden.

Now he's on a team that's also accepting players from open tryouts.

Here's the good news, though. Remember J.P. Losman(notes), former first-round pick of the Buffalo Bills? He washed out of the NFL, spent a year choo-choo'ing with the UFL's Las Vegas Locomotives, won the UFL title, and is now back in the bigs. He signed with the Seahawks on Tuesday.

So the UFL can be a path back to the big show. It would be nice to see Culpepper have a great year with the Mountain Lions — well, let's be honest, playing in the UFL, he might have a great year, but there's no chance I'll actually see it — and then Tommy Maddox himself back into the NFL.

I give Culpepper a lot of credit for burying his pride and taking the UFL gig. This is a guy who retired back in 2008 when he couldn't latch on with an NFL team, so taking the huge step down to the UFL can't be easy for him.

Best of luck down there, Daunte.

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