Golf cart mishap may end a Bronco's career

As a wildly irresponsible golf-cart driver, this brutal story hits slightly close to home.

Broncos offensive tackle Matt McChesney(notes) was knocking it around the links recently. He stopped and stepped out of his cart, and just as he did, another golf cart zoomed by and rolled over his ankle. The same ankle, unfortunately, that had to be surgically put back together after an injury last season.

There are reports that McChesney's going to retire. Mike Klis of the Denver Post says that while the Broncos want him back, McChesney "appears ready to enter the next phase of his life."

You never know what life's going to throw at you. This guy is 6-foot-4 and 307 pounds of gym-sculpted man-beast, and his career may have been ended playing a sport that encourages plaid pants and has only the word "fore" as a safety precaution. I'm sure I'll think of him the next time I have the urge to do something dumb in a golf cart.

While McChesney is obviously the most affected here, it puts the Broncos in a tight spot, too. They're already short at tackle, having lost Ryan Clady to a knee injury, at least through the preseason. McChesney might not have been an All-Pro, but at the least, he provided depth at a key position, and had a shot at being pretty valuable to the Broncos this season.

It's a shame. Whatever the next phase of his life is, if McChesney does indeed let go of football, I hope it's something just as rewarding and fulfilling.

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