Giants safety Cooper Taylor renting his New York-area apartment during Super Bowl week

The New York Giants won't be getting a Super Bowl bonus, but one member of the team will be capitalizing on the big game being in town. Rookie safety Cooper Taylor is subletting his apartment to capitalize on the Super Bowl being just a short jaunt away in East Rutherford, N.J.

In a story that ran in Friday's New York Post, Cooper detailed his desire to get out of the city for what will be a cramped and crowded build-up to the first ever Super Bowl in the New York area. He shares his apartment with his girlfriend Susan Carlson, a real estate agent.

Not surprisingly, Carlson saw the demand of the Super Bowl and the surge in hotel prices in the New York City area (some motels are charging more than $1,000 a night) as something the couple could capitalize on. She told Yahoo Sports the rationale behind the decision.

“Cooper and I are young and spent the last two years doing a long distance relationship while both of us played our respective college sports so it was important for us to get away and spend time together,” Carlson told Yahoo Sports. “While I was looking for apartments about five months ago in Rutherford (near the Giants facility and MetLife Stadium) we saw ads about people renting their places for what seemed like obscene amounts ... But as a broker myself I wanted to capitalize on an opportunity to take a vacation and have our apartment potentially make some money for us – especially after the sticker shock of living and rent prices in the area compared to Atlanta!”

Carlson met Taylor when they attended Georgia Tech. He was a standout safety, she captained the women's volleyball team her final two years of school.

According to the story in the Post, the apartment was offered for $9,000 per week, on par with other such properties offered during Super Bowl week. There was no mention of Taylor's NFL connections in the ad.

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Kristian R. Dyer covers the Jets for Metro New York and also contributes to Yahoo Sports. He can be followed for news and random tweetings on Twitter @KristianRDyer

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