Giants safety Antrel Rolle believes his 0-4 team can win 12 straight

Anwar S Richardson

As bad as the New York Giants are, they are bound to win a game eventually. The Jacksonville Jaguars appear more likely to finish with a worse record than Pittsburgh or New York, which is not much of a consolation prize. Nevertheless, the Giants are a bad team that could string together a few wins this season.

Giants veteran safety Antrel Rolle disagrees.

Despite New York’s dismal 0-4 start, Rolle not only believes better days are ahead for his team, but so are the playoffs.

“I believe we can go 12-0 from this point on,” Rolle told the New York Daily News. “And I truly believe that and I’m not (just) saying that. And people may look at me like I’m crazy, but you know, I couldn’t really give a damn at this point.”

Are you serious?

“This is what I believe,” he told the New York Daily News. “I know the talent of this team. I know the mind-set of this team. We just have to go out there and put it together.”

Rolle stating the Giants could win their next 12 games is like saying you only need six numbers to win the lottery. Sure, it sounds simplistic, but there is a reason why each of us are at our jobs today instead of living it up in Monte Carlo.

New York’s defense has given up 146 points (36.5 per game), which is more than any other team. The Giants rank 30th in offensive points per game (15.2) and 30th in rushing yards (57.8). Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been sacked 14 times, which is tied for the third highest total in the NFL.

In other words, New York will have to correct a lot of things to win a game, let alone 12 straight.

To be fair, Rolle should have that type of optimism. It definitely beats Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger labeling his team as the league’s worst. If Rolle said he believed New York could easily finish 0-16, the entire fan base and Giants organization would turn against him.

It is good to see Rolle’s optimism, but winning 12 straight games?

Does anybody have six winning lottery numbers?

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