Giants are 0-4 for first time since 1987, Tom Coughlin says play-calling is like throwing darts

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Tom Coughlin got increasingly frustrated in his press conference on Sunday, and nobody could blame him.

The Giants are probably finished now after another blowout loss, this one a 31-7 defeat at Kansas City. They are 0-4 for the first time since 1987. Even worse, an offense with Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks has scored seven points in its last eight quarters. That's hard to believe.

The Giants have 12 more games left, little hope remaining, and Coughlin got upset when asked where the Giants go from here.

"Keep trying. What do you mean where do we go from here?" Coughlin said in his press conference, which was streamed online by the team. "You go back look at the tape you look at the next opponent, we come together, we go back to work. What else is there for us to do?"

It will be interesting to see where the Giants do go from here, if they show enough heart to become relevant by the end of the season. Perhaps the last 12 games will determine if Coughlin keeps his job.

The offense has been abysmal. The offensive line is beat up, the running game has disappeared, but it's still odd to see it come to this for a team that has won a pair of Super Bowls since 2007.

Coughlin seemed apologetic to the defense, saying it's hard on them when the offense can't stay on the field for more than three plays at a time.

"There’s no continuity, there’s no rhythm," Coughlin said. "We don’t make any first downs. Play-calling is like throwing a dart at a board. There’s no feel for the ball being continuously moved downfield."

"They get us the ball, we go three and out," quarterback Eli Manning said about not helping the defense. "They get us the ball and we give it right back."

There are three months left in this Giants season. While a long winning streak is technically possible, it doesn't seem like the Giants are going to pull off a miracle this time. It'll be interesting to see where the next three months takes them.

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