Gabbert and Ponder go under the microscope in ‘Game Changers’

As an X-and-O and game tape junkie myself, I always love when I can get specific insight on the strategic specifics of the game of football from coaches and players. That's why I enjoyed the initial episode of 'Game Changers', the NFL Network's new show hosted by Steve Mariucci. The former San Francisco 49ers and Detroit Lions head coach opened the series with an in-depth tutorial with Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert and Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder.

Maruicci takes the two quarterbacks — who played in very different college systems — through every aspect of the next level. From the little things, like getting the foot position right at the end of a three-step drop, to the proper depth of a five-step drop, to the best way to flush out of the pocket when things break down. Intentionally or not, Mariucci also provides a few compelling examples of why combine and pro day throwing sessions would be so much more valuable with even the illusion of defensive pressure.

It's a great show and worth a look, especially if you're interested in how NFL players are developed. Mooch also gets the two young quarterbacks in the film room and up to the whiteboard.

Next week's 'Game Changers' (Tuesdays at 8:00 PM EST) will feature Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and Missouri end Aldon Smith, with Warren Sapp as the special guest.

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