Free Agency Watch: Saturday stories

Here are a few things to watch as free agency heads on into Saturday...

The Seahawks are hosting Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall, who has a first-round tender. Unless Seattle can re-negotiate the terms, they'd have to give up their sixth overall pick for Marshall and sign the receiver to a lucrative contract. Pretty rich, no matter how good Marshall is.

The evolving story of Donovan McNabb and the Eagles. Are the rumored Browns overtures true? Could Michael Vick(notes) go elsewhere instead? We're going to find out a couple things from this story -- who has the personnel pull in that franchise, and how much faith they have in Kevin Kolb(notes).

Former Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman(notes) is currently in Jacksonville, with interest from the Bucs, Eagles and Seahawks in his back pocket. As much as Julius Peppers(notes) got the big bucks, Kampman has been the more consistent quarterback disruptor over the last few seasons when you factor in hits and hurries.

It's official: The Bengals are interested in acquiring T.O. I so want this to happen. Ocho, T.O., and Matt Jones(notes)? Are you kidding me? How great would that "Hard Knocks" series be?

Jason LaCanfora reports that the Chiefs might be interested in Thomas Jones(notes), if the Jets don't bring him back for less money. In a stacked draft class at the position, what will happen to the new class of free agents?

Patrick Willis(notes) will not be very happy if his 49ers sign David Carr(notes).

And, of course, the Redskins and Cowboys have made no major splashes in free agency. Will the Yankees and Red Sox of the NFL make it through this capless year without throwing major dollars at their personnel issues?

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