Fred Smoot goes scorched earth on Mike Shanahan (a.k.a. ‘Red Lobster’), RG3 and the Redskins

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Fred Smoot will not be welcomed on the Washington Redskins sideline anytime soon, at least as long as Mike Shanahan is the coach.

Which, Smoot thinks, won't last that long anyway.

Let's get to the quotes that Smoot, the former NFL cornerback who played seven of his nine pro seasons with the Redskins, gave on 106.7 The Fan, via the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog:

“If you’re going to make a coaching change for the future, it’s time to make it now,” he said. “Robert Griffin III has been a Redskin now for one and a half years. If you’re gonna change his coach and you want a coach to grow with him like the Bradys and Belichicks and all the great pairs of quarterbacks and coaches, you have to do it now. And right now, I think the Red Lobster’s working his way outta here. I think Shanahan is working his way out of here.”

"The Red Lobster?" Oh my.

Smoot does have a point, that it would be no surprise if Shanahan is on the hot seat after an 0-3 start. Owner Daniel Snyder is prone to knee-jerk moves, and Shanahan's relationship with Griffin doesn't seem to be the best. Smoot has caught onto that, and expressed it a little more colorfully:

“The Red Lobster and RGIII, they’re not compatible right now,” Smoot said on 106.7 The Fan. “And right now, you can’t have one without the other. I think one thing the Red Lobster has lost this locker room. I think him and RGIII, I don’t know if it’s a disrespect there, but they don’t respect each other like a coach and a quarterback should. And until you get a Cowher, a Gruden, not somebody that RG will bow down to, but he respects in a different way, I think we’re going to see the same back-and-forth arguing.”

At least Smoot didn't also rip Griffin. Wait, he did? Oh, then carry on, Fred:

“It’s about time somebody be honest,” Smoot said. “Sometimes RGIII can be a brat, alright? Because I’m watching these other quarterbacks and I’m watching how they compose themselves and the things they do. With Luck and Wilson, and it’s a different vibe. Sometimes I’m starting to think that RGIII is really really buying into the attention. But I tell anybody this. The NFL will humble you. And I think he’s going through that humbling process right now as we speak.”

One thing is for certain: Fred Smoot needs to come out of his shell a little bit.

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