Fran Tarkenton will not be welcoming Brett Favre to Minnesota

I'm sure there are a lot of Vikings fans out there who would love to see Brett Favre(notes) put on the purple and yellow, but Fran Tarkenton isn't one of them. If it does eventually happen, you won't see Tarkenton showing up at Favre's door in Minnesota with a freshly-baked apple pie to welcome him.

Tarkenton was on 790 the Zone in Atlanta yesterday and talked about the Brett Favre's "I'm retired, wait, no I'm not" bit.

“I think it’s despicable. What he put the Packers through last year was not good. Here’s an organization that was loyal to him for 17, 18 years, provided stability of organization, provided players. It just wasn’t about Brett Favre. In this day and time, we have glorified the Brett Favre’s of the world so much, they think it’s about them. He goes to New York and bombs. He’s 39 years old. How would you like Ray Nitschke in his last year (playing for) the Vikings, or I retire, and go play for the Packers. I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.”

Wow. That's a Limbaugh-on-Obama level of hatred right there. And Tarkenton wasn't much more complimentary of Favre as a football player, either.

“I think he has been a great flamboyant quarterback, but he has made more stupid plays than any great quarterback that I’ve ever seen. Look at his final game in a Packers uniform. He blew that game against the Giants. He’s playing against Eli Manning(notes), I love Eli Manning, but he’s still not a great quarterback. He’s not Peyton yet, or Tom Brady(notes). He’s just a guy. And they’re (Packers) are playing at home, and they’re in a tight situation, they went to overtime and he (Favre) throws the interception that allows them (the Giants) to come back and win the game. He has done that and driven his coaches crazy all of his career.”

That is shocking. It's not shocking necessarily that Tarkenton has those opinions, but I thought there was some kind of rule that prohibited people from ever going on television or radio unless they had an unbridled love of Brett Favre. It's somewhat refreshing to hear, and not just because I happen to agree.

If Favre does end up in a Vikings uniform in '09, I hope Tarkenton also unretires for just one game to go back into the Monday Night Football booth. That would be fun.

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