Fox and CBS release 2010 announcer pairings

The NFL's two main broadcast partners released their announcer pairings this week and with the exception of Dick Enberg leaving CBS (he's been announcing San Diego Padres games instead) and FOX snatching up the newly out-of-work Jim Mora Jr. and Kurt Warner(notes), there isn't too much change from last year.

There's a 20 percent turnover rate on NFL rosters and somehow we only get seven percent change in the NFL booths? FOX adding two guys to their roster is the equivalent of the St. Louis Rams saying, "no, it's cool, we're going to stick with the guys that led us to a 1-15 record last year." How does Tony Siragusa still have a spot on the No. 2 team? Did a FOX executive lose a bet?

What are you looking at, CBS. You're next. How is Gus Johnson on the same level as Sam Rosen? Does CBS have something against Greg Gumbel because I don't know how else to rationalize sticking him with Dan Dierdrof for the past half-decade. And you know what the difference is between Steve Tasker, Rich Gannon and Steve Beuerlein? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Thanks, Fanhouse

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