Former teammate calls out Sanchez for magazine shoots

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Former New York Jets All-Pro Kris Jenkins told ESPN Radio that Mark Sanchez lost credibility in the team locker room when he posed for pictures in men's fashion magazines.

Jenkins was addressing comments made by injured Jets backup Greg McElroy that said the team struggled because of a "corrupt mindset" in the locker room.

"The No. 1 quarterback should have said that a long time ago. It would have been all part of the process of him growing a pair and standing up and being a man. But the thing is, he lost his because he got caught up in the wash that is New York, in the spotlight, taking pictures in the magazines and doing all of that stuff. That's just what everybody has seen with Mark Sanchez, they got tired of it."

Sanchez isn't good because he posed for some photos in GQ? That's as ridiculous as me saying that Kris Jenkins isn't great on "NFL Today," so he should spend his time studying game film instead of making cringeworthy Halloween sketches. What does one have to do with another?

By Jenkins' estimation, Sanchez should hibernate during the offseason, armed only with playbooks, film and acorns he buried in the fall. If he does that, then he's Aaron Rodgers, right?

Tom Brady poses with goats, prances around in Uggs and goes to Carnival with his hair in a ponytail. Peyton Manning hosted "Saturday Night Live." Drew Brees does charity work. It doesn't bother them at all.

Sanchez isn't playing good football. And he may not devote the proper time to the game; I don't know. But if the first part is caused by the second part, it's symptomatic of a larger problem and isn't because of a few fashion spreads. The issue isn't that Mark Sanchez is on the cover of magazines, it's that he's not playing well enough to get on the cover of magazines that celebrate football.

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