Former Super Bowl-winning fullback testifies in sentencing for U.S. soldier in Afghan massacre case

Marc Edwards, a fullback who played nine NFL seasons and won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, found himself testifying in a high-profile case involving an old high-school teammate.

Edwards was on the stand to testify in the sentencing of a U.S. soldier who pleaded guilty to the massacre of 16 Afghan villagers last year. Edwards was a football teammate of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales in Norwood, Ohio. Bales pleaded guilty in June to killing 16 people, mostly women and children, during "unsanctioned, solo, pre-dawn raids" on two villages in March of 2012, according to the Associated Press. Bales pleaded guilty in a deal to avoid the death penalty. A jury is deciding if Bales should be sentenced to life in prison with or without parole.

Edwards wore his Super Bowl XXXVI Super Bowl ring as he testified, the AP said.

According to the AP, Edwards said that Bales was an "unbelievable leader" on his high school football team, and was magnanimous when Edwards took his spot on the team.

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