Former O-lineman breaks news of Bengals' interest in T.O

Offensive tackle Willie Anderson(notes) played 12 years with the Cincinnati Bengals from 1996 through 2007, made four Pro Bowls, and missed just two games in his first 11 seasons. He ended his career with the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 and will go down as one of the better players at his position of his era.

Anderson now lives in Atlanta, owns three Fatburger franchises (where we hope that JaMarcus Russell(notes) isn't hanging out...), and has a company called Think B.I.G. Entertainment. Anderson also may have a future in breaking and parsing NFL news, if his recent Tweets about the receiver situation in Cincy are any indication.

Just to catch you up: The latest on Terrell Owens(notes) was that the St. Louis Rams were the most interested party, with the Bengals said to be giving T.O. a hard look if Antonio Bryant(notes) wasn't 100 percent for camp and Chad Ochocinco(notes) didn't have a complementary receiver. According to Anderson, the team has been discussing the issue most intently:

I'm hearing Bengals will sign Terrel Owens. In meetings all day and night weighing decision.less than a minute ago via txt

Then, Anderson weighed in (har!) with his take on the idea:

Team is not satisfied with where they're at with Recievers. Still need major help. TO could be the answerless than a minute ago via txt

I say sign TO! He and @OGOchoCinco are friends. All Good receivers have ego but still manange to play.less than a minute ago via txt

Boldin played with another great reciever. It worked! Peyton Manning(notes) has said Wayne and Harrison both complained privately for more catchesless than a minute ago via txt

Anderson concluded with the thought that the "Quarterback and Coaching staff has to make it work! Other players on the team [have] to help make it work!" The NFL Network recently reported that Owens has been working out with Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer(notes) this offseason, so you do the math, dear readers.

Given the choice between the competitive Bengals and sad-sack Rams, there's little doubt at this point in his career that Owens would be better off in Cincinnati. We have detailed the hindrances he worked with in Buffalo, and how quiet he kept in the face of absolutely abysmal quarterback play. The Bengals' hesitation is understandable, especially given all the malcontents they've had on their rosters over the last decade, but Owens seems like the right kind of risk.

Willie Anderson agrees, and he's on to something. The Bengals have subsequently confirmed their interest. (H/T: Rotoworld)

Mike brown(notes) on t.o. It is up to him. We have interest. We are talking to himless than a minute ago via txt

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