Five teams who should take a look at Vince Young

In the time of year when head coaches are supposed to be getting whacked, somehow, a pretty good quarterback got whacked Wednesday.

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams decided that his team is better off without Vince Young, despite the fact that his remaining quarterbacks are named Kerry Collins(notes) and Rusty Smith(notes). We've been over this before: I'm in the minority, but I'd have sided with Vince Young over Jeff Fisher, for a lot of reasons.

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Doesn't matter. The decision has been made, and Young will be either traded or released before next season. The question now becomes, "Where will Vince Young(notes) ply his trade in 2011?"

Before we get to that, though, let's take a look at exactly what's on the market here. In nine games this season, Vince Young had a quarterback rating of 98.6 and threw for 10 touchdowns against three interceptions. His yardage per game was very low at 139.4, but his yards per attempt was a solid 8.0. If you're into more advanced stats, Young earned a DYAR of 424 (between David Garrard and Tony Romo) of a DVOA of 26.9% (between Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning) at Football Outsiders.

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Obviously, I'm not arguing that a quarterback the quality of Aaron Rodgers(notes) or Peyton Manning(notes) is available here. But Young has proven that he can be very effective in the right system, even with a very unimpressive wide receiver depth chart. And, apparently, a head coach who hated him.

Here are five teams that should consider saving themselves a draft pick on a quarterback, and instead going after Vince Young.

1. Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals' quarterback situation is so bad that the Cardinals spent the 2010 season playing without a quarterback, and instead going with -- wait, what's that? John Skelton(notes) is a quarterback? Max Hall(notes), too? I mean, I know Derek Anderson(notes) is a quarterback, but honestly, I'm just not sure he takes this seriously.

The Cardinals might have the worst QB situation in the league. When Kurt Warner(notes) left, he left the cupboard bare. Matt Leinart(notes) was supposed to be the guy, but clearly was not, so why not a chance for the guy who beat Leinart in the 2006 Rose Bowl?

2. Washington Redskins.

Leading the Redskins offense in 2011? Well, it's not going to be Donovan McNabb(notes), and I don't think anyone wants it to be Rex Grossman(notes), either.

My biggest concern about this fit is that Vince Young has been, at times, let's say "emotionally fragile." It's probably best for him if he's got a personable, player-friendly coach who can relate to him on some level, and it's also best if he's in a good, stable locker room. I don't know if the Redskins provide either of those things.

3. Miami Dolphins.

It's probably about time to give up on the "Chad Henne as a starting NFL quarterback" experiment. Quite honestly, at this point, I think Tyler Thigpen(notes) has a better chance to be that. The Dolphins are a team that has some nice pieces in place, but a pretty big hole in the middle. Young might be a good fit.

I'm not sure that the Tony Sparano/Jeff Ireland regime wants to take a chance on someone with Young's odd little brand of "character issues," but if they'll bring in Brandon Marshall(notes), we can't really rule out anyone.

4. San Francisco 49ers.

It's a little less enticing with Mike Singletary no longer in the mix. Singletary might not be a great head coach yet, but I'd hire him as Vince Young's life coach in a heartbeat. I'd also buy the postgame press conferences on pay-per-view. I like the fit here. Young has always liked going to the tight end, and San Fran has a good one in Vernon Davis(notes). They've got a running game to suit Young, too. We'll see how the new coach wants to play it.

5. Seattle Seahawks.

Matt Hasselbeck(notes) has been a disaster this year, and Charlie Whitehurst(notes) has been unable to improve on that. And being a playoff team, Seattle won't be drafting until at least 21st (probably 21st), so getting a premiere quarterback in the draft probably isn't even an option. Young might be a good reclamation project for Pete Carroll.

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