The five Most Valuable Players of Week 4

5. Kyle Orton(notes), QB, Denver Broncos. Your NFL leader in passing yards through four weeks? Mr. Kyle Orton. This week, he racked up 341 yards and completed 70 percent of his passes on the road against Tennessee. One quick word of caution: Orton had three miserable games last year, and they all came in the second half of the season. He's playing wonderfully right now, and bless his heart for it, but I don't think I'll ever see Kyle Orton's name in a lineup and be 100 percent confident that he's not going to go out and have a three interception game.

4. Patrick Chung(notes), S, New England Patriots. A blocked field goal, a blocked punt and a pick-six all in the same game? That's going to get you a spot on this list, every single time. By the way, do you know how many touchdown drives the Patriots offense put together Monday night? Two. Exactly the same number as the Dolphins. I hate to go Debbie Downer on you again in an MVP note, and I'm not suggesting that the game was closer than the score indicated or anything -- the Dolphins were creamed, and they deserved to be creamed. It's something you may want to consider, though, if you were starting to believe that the Patriots were becoming a dominant team again.

3. Josh Scobee(notes), K, Jacksonville Jaguars. That's right, a kicker. The weekly MVP list refuses to discriminate against kickers, because they're people, too. Sometimes, very valuable ones. Like this week, when Josh Scobee nailed a 59-yarder at the whistle to beat the Colts. Say what you want about the kicker only being on the field for a few plays, or everyone else doing the hard work ... but the fact is that Scobee made that kick and the Jags won. If he hadn't, there's every chance that the Colts win the toss in overtime and give the ball to Peyton Manning(notes) first, at which point the Jags would just have no chance.

2. Shaun Phillips(notes), OLB, San Diego Chargers. Just about every Charger had a good game against the Cardinals, but Phillips was especially dominant. His grand totals were four sacks and a pick-six, but that really doesn't do justice to his day. The Cardinals had no way to block him. Despite mass injuries to the linebacking corps, including Shawne Merriman(notes), who has yet to play a game, the Chargers defense is the best it's been in some time.

1. Roddy White(notes), WR, Atlanta Falcons. In a week full of awesome plays, Roddy White tracking down Nate Clements and forcing that fumble tops everything else. It was a smart play, it was a hustle play, and it was pretty much the direct difference between winning and losing for the Falcons. And on top of it, White had seven catches for 104 yards and passed 5,000 career receiving yards for his career. Sundays don't get a lot better than that for NFL players.

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