Fired Singletary accepts job as Vikings linebackers coach

When Mike Singletary was promoted to head coach by the San Francisco 49ers, he made the unlikely ascension from his position as linebackers coach. Now the Hall of Famer will be serving the same role as a position coach with the Minnesota Vikings. Who says you can't go home again?

It may seem like a big demotion -- from top of the team to a coach of one unit -- but these are common for coaches fired from head-coaching gigs. Making a lateral move after getting fired is the exception, not the rule (well done, John Fox). Most of the time, coaches have to put in time in a lesser role before getting another chance to lead a team. The Chicago Bears alone have three ex-head coaches on their staff.

A coordinator role is usually the desired destination for old coaches (other fired skippers like Josh McDaniels and Brad Childress are currently seeking offensive coordinator positions around the league), but since Singletary hasn't ever served such a role before, going back to what he knows is the best way for him to rebuild his reputation.

Ex-Redskins coach Jim Zorn made the same type of jump (quarterbacks coach to head coach back to quarterbacks coach) when he went from Seattle to Washington to Baltimore.

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