‘Fire Pioli, Bench Cassel’ banner to fly over Arrowhead on Sunday

Shutdown Corner

The Kansas City Chiefs are owners of a 1-3 record, and all three of their losses have come by 13 points or more. Quarterback Matt Cassel has the 29th-best passer rating among starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

So the 2012 Chiefs season is not off to a great start, and fans, some more than others, are frustrated.

A group of the angrier fans, coming together through Chiefs website ChiefsPlanet.com, are hiring a plane to fly a banner over Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday. The banner will read, "We deserve better. Fire Pioli, Bench Cassel."

The rented banner is becoming an increasingly popular way for fans to express their displeasure with the home team. At the end of last season, Miami Dolphins fans got a banner in the air demanding the firing of general manager Jeff Ireland (Ireland is still the general manager). New Orleans Saints fans had a "FREE PAYTON" banner flying over a Saints practice to protest the suspension of head coach Sean Payton (Payton is still suspended).

People voice their unhappiness with corporations all the time, and that's a good thing. The people have a voice, and I'd always encourage the disgruntled to assemble for the purpose of amplifying their voices and making their points heard.

In this particular case, though, I don't know what positive outcome we're pushing for.

It's not like we're pushing for a policy change of some kind here. It's not as if the Chiefs are intentionally inflicting damage on their fan base through the intentional losing of games. I don't think they're unaware that the fans are unhappy, either. No one at Chiefs headquarters is going to see this banner and say, "Whoa, whoa whoa. Fans don't like 1-3? Why didn't someone tell me?"

Fans can argue all day long about the virtues of Matt Cassel and Scott Pioli, just like fans everywhere argue about their team's quarterback, coach and general manager. It's a little hard to defend Cassel at the moment, but still, these are bar room arguments more than they are evils against which we need to unite and fight.

Besides, it was only two years ago that Pioli and Cassel combined to put the Chiefs in the playoffs as the AFC West champions. That wasn't 1967 — that was 2010. The same two guys. Just two years later, an expensive banner is necessary to cause their demise? I can imagine Browns and Raiders fans thinking to themselves, "Come on. Just suck it up, Chiefs fans."

Gracias, The Top Spin, via NFL.com.

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