FIGHT! Matt Light is a hair-puller

Since we're not allowed to have any actual NFL footage on The Corner, you'll have to experience the Channing Crowder/Matt Light fight here sort of like you would a pay-per-view boxing match on SportsCenter: still images and commentary. Pretend I'm Al Bernstein.

Above, you see Light with a handful of Crowder's hair. From here, Light used one hand to keep a grip on the hair, and another hand to whale on Crowder's head. He did connect a few times, but nothing that did major damage.

You can use the comments to argue the manliness of holding a man's hair with one hand and raining punches with the other, but it was an effective strategy.

Here we take a step backwards in time and see Crowder losing his helmet, while being unable to get Light's off. General rule in fighting: The guy with the helmet and facemask has a significant advantage.

Here's a shot after some Dolphins teammates intervened and tackled Light, freeing Crowder's dreadlocks from the clutches of Patriot hatred. You can see Light on the ground behind Crowder, likely having things done to him that he isn't enjoying. Crowder is wearing the expression of a man who just lost a fight, but wasn't hurt badly, and wants everyone to believe he's happy about the whole thing.

Here's Crowder arguing that he shouldn't be ejected. He did not win this argument. Between the game, the fight, and that argument, that puts Crowder at 0-3 on the day.

And here we see Crowder in happier times, displaying his more sensitive side, hugging a big furry Dolphin.

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