A few reminders of how comically large Jonathan Ogden is, including a great high school photo

The Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend has come and gone, but there's one more observation we had to make before we let it go.

In some of the pictures from the weekend, it's pretty startling how much bigger Jonathan Ogden is than everyone else.

Look at the shot above. Ozzie Newsome, a hall of fame tight end, is not a small man. He was listed at 6-2, 232 pounds as a pro. You'd notice him in an airport. And it looks like Ogden could pick him up, turn him upside down and shake the loose change out of his pockets.

Here's another picture that offers a funny perspective on how much bigger Ogden was than everyone else, even among NFL players.

Here are the seven inductees, with Ogden in the middle:

The beauty of this photo is Larry Allen and Warren Sapp on the ends. They are both massive human beings, and if you saw them on the street you'd stop and stare as they walked by, just because they're so big. And Ogden is still about a head taller.

That leads us to this picture, posted to St. Albans High School's Flickr page, and shared on Reddit. If Ogden is towering over Warren Sapp, just imagine being a poor teenager playing high school football and seeing this rumbling at you.

Oh my goodness. Ogden is No. 74, if you didn't figure that out. It looks like if a grown man decided to run onto the field at a Pop Warner game.

So yeah, when they list Ogden's playing size at 6-foot-9, 345 pounds, we believe it.

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