Fear not the Jumbotronicus!

Okay -- the Philadelphia Eagles' Flash animation guy needs a raise; this is the funniest thing I've seen since Jim Zorn was calling his own plays. In the Dallas-Philly game intro on the Eagles' official website, we are introduced to the evil "Jumbotronicus", who implores us all to ignore what is seen on the field and pay attention only to him. Apparently, we shall fear him and his powers of 3-D.

Unfortunately for Jumbotronicus, his 3-D goes out of whack just as Eagles punter Sav Rocca(notes) and kicker David Akers(notes) begin pelting the largest hanging screen the world has ever seen with footballs from their mighty feet. Then, center Jon Dorenbos(notes) pops in from nowhere and uses his magic powers to change the channel, and ... let's just say that things go south for Jumbotronicus from there.

When the Eagles face the Cowboys in Dallas this Sunday, it appears that special teams -- both real and imaginary -- could be a major factor!

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