The FBI investigated a death threat against Al Davis in 1980

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

When Al Davis first began discussing the move of the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles, he was on the receiving end of a death threat from a long-time fan of the team.

ABC7 in the Bay Area filed a Freedom of Information Act request after Davis' death in October to find out whether the FBI had ever opened a file on the enigmatic Raiders owner. The 24 pages the investigative team got in return contained two reports on the same threat made to Davis in 1980, two years before the team moved south.

A typed note on a piece of stationary was sent to the Oakland Tribune that year, warning that Davis wouldn't live to see a game in Los Angeles.

"Maybe though [sic] the media we can get the word to Al Davis if he moves to L.A. He will not live to see the first game played there. A season ticket holder for eighteen years."

The newspaper turned the letter over to Oakland Police Department and then to the FBI. Davis was informed about the threat but his reaction was not documented.

Because no fingerprints were found and the threat was ambiguous in nature, the U.S. Attorney's Office decided no further action was needed. Plus, it probably would have been difficult to find who made the threat. Longtime Raiders season ticket holders who can't spell are probably a dime a dozen.

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