Favre's website already selling commemorative streak footballs

Looking for a Christmas gift for that hard-to-shop-for sports fan who already has a closet full of Wranglers, a driveway lined with pickup trucks and plenty of guns with which to sling? Then look no further than this signed and inscribed football from BrettFavre.com commemorating the quarterback's NFL record of 297 straight starts. All it takes is a major credit card and $499.99 (shipping not included).

That streak had barely been over for 297 seconds before the ball went up for sale on Favre's website Monday night, showing that the only thing Favre likes to do more than having fun out there is making a buck off of it too:

"Chances are if you're under 40 you don't remember a time in the NFL with out Brett Favre(notes) playing on Sunday"? I'm 29 and I vividly remember the first game in which he ever played -- mop-up duty for the Atlanta Falcons when the team was getting routed by the Washington Redskins in 1991. (Not that I vividly remember Favre playing in that game, but the game itself.) If you're a 39-year-old, that would have made you 20 years old in that season. What kind of memories does the webmaster at BrettFavre.com think everyone else has?

"Just consider since 1992 the Chicago Bears have watched over 20 QB's start for their team." Gotta love the dig at the Bears in there.

Other items up for sale on the Favre site include signed helmets, signed jerseys, signed magazine covers and signed pictures (but not that picture). With all that autograph signing, no wonder Favre's hand is purple.

Thanks, Deadspin

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