FavreFest '09 was the highest rated cable TV show ever

You folks certainly do love your Brett Favre(notes).

Last night's Monday Night Football game between the Packers and Vikings was the most-watched program in cable history, drawing in 21.8 million viewers. That comes out to a 15.3 rating.

Perhaps even more mind-blowing? The rating in Green Bay was a 49.7. The rating in Minneapolis was 58.3. Those numbers are Super Bowl-esque.

What's it mean for you, the viewer? Well, if you think ESPN turned up the hype machine for this one, wait until you see what Fox does for the November 1st rematch at Lambeau. In the days leading up to that one, I wouldn't be surprised to see Favre guest-starring on "Fringe," single-handedly bringing down a biological terrorist group, or on "House," curing cancer with his magical stubble, and talking House into going to church every Sunday.

In related news that isn't being as widely-reported, it was also the biggest crowd we've ever had for a Monday Night live blog. Some of you were even sober.

The man puts fannies in the seats, and he glues eyes to televisions. This will not be lost on other networks.

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