Favre tunes out offensive coordinator, throws season away

With 1:13 left in the first half of the Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings game, Brett Favre(notes) threw a slant to Percy Harvin(notes) that was picked off by cornerback Tramon Williams(notes), who had the throw read all the way.

It was Favre's NFL-leading 17th interception of the season, so that wasn't a surprise -- No. 4 has been throwing picks at a career-high rate all season. The surprise was what happened between Favre and Vikings offensive coordinator/longtime good buddy Darrel Bevell after the play:

Bevell and Favre worked together in Green Bay as well, and Bevell's presence in Minnesota was a deciding factor in Favre's placement there, which makes this back-and-forth interesting.

It's easy to see both sides here; everyone's frustrated. Favre knows why he threw the pick without anyone telling him, and the last thing Bevell wants to see from his quarterback after yet another mistake is Favre blowing him off. Up in the broadcast booth, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman moved past it pretty quickly, though you know full well that if a player with a more rogue reputation pulled this stunt, Buck would be all over him with a stern (and terribly boring) lecture.

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Later in the game, when Buck wondered aloud whether the Vikings might not replace Favre with Tarvaris Jackson(notes), Aikman opined that Favre gave the Vikings the best chance to win, no matter how many interceptions he had thrown. And if you want to know where Favre gets his entitled attitude ... well, wonder no more. Hearing stuff like that on a no-matter-what basis tends to turn your head.

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However, Favre's old team didn't feel like indulging him; instead, the Packers went for the season sweep of the Vikings in a big way with a 31-3 final margin, and Favre completed just 17 of 38 passes.

Barring the greatest second-half turnaround in NFL single-season history, the Vikings are done for the season with no playoff hope. What happens to all the main characters in this little soap opera?

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