Favre is reportedly back on the high-school field

You didn't think FavreWatch 2010 would end with Tuesday's alleged retirement announcements that went unconfirmed by Brett Favre(notes) himself, did you? Just one day after sending the football media all atwitter with the supposed news of his imminent departure from the game, Favre was seen on the same Hattiesburg, Miss., field where he's been working out with high school kids the past few years. This from Scott Hanson of NFL Network:

Favre is on the high school field in Hattiesburg. Check NFLN for more.less than a minute ago via HTC Peep

I tuned in to NFL Network as directed, but all I saw was a roundtable with noted personnel experts Jim Mora Jr. and Matt Millen. Still, I'm sure we'll have multiple updates through the day about this latest story, with Hanson camping out on Favre's front lawn for the second straight August.

Before you start thinking that Favre's "just acting like a kid out there" for the love of the game, keep in mind the Sporting News is reporting that the Vikings have offered a sweetened pot for 2010 that could increase his compensation from $13 million to $20 million with incentives. And since the concept of anyone actually reporting anything about Favre in an objective fashion died years ago, if he does come back for the money, that fact will be buried quicker than Matt Millen's credibility — perhaps by Matt Millen himself.

Ain't it great?

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