Favre finally spits out an unequivocal 'no'

The question, of course, was, "Will you play football in 2009?" It was asked of Favre by former quarterback and current ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer via text message. For the exact wording, let's go to ESPN's Kevin Seifert:

On Monday, ESPN's Trent Dilfer put out a question to retired quarterback Brett Favre: Any chance you would consider playing in 2009?

Favre's response, via text: "NO." (Capitalization his.)

And that capitalization is no accident, my friend. Unless you're using a cell phone manufactured in 1992, you just can't text two capital letters next to each other without pressing an extra button or two on the keypad. Text messaging makes you work for that consecutive capitalization.

Therefore, I can only assume that Favre meant his "NO" emphatically.

Of course, the cynic might point out that Favre was also pretty emphatic around this time last year when he sat behind a microphone and cried like a child with a skinned kneecap at his "retirement" press conference.

But I don't feel like being cynical today, and, as I've said numerous times before on this website, I believe in second chances. So I'm going to take Brett Favre's word for it, and wholeheartedly believe him when he says that he's not playing football in 2009.

By doing this, I free myself from the obligation of having to care about it anytime someone posts another "Hey, Favre might come back!" article. I can just ignore it, stick to my steadfast belief that Favre is a man of his word, and go on with my day. It feels good to be free.

And if he does end up playing somewhere in 2009, I reserve my right to react with shock and indignation while calling him a dirty, dirty liar. Win win.

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