Farmer’s Almanac predicting ‘C-O-L-D’ Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium

For years, fans have complained about the exorbitant price of Super Bowl tickets and that they seem to end up in the hands of corporate folks who don't tend to worry all that much about such things. Maybe those fans will have a chance to get some cheapies to the big game this season if early weather predictions are accurate.

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting some wicked stuff for Super Bowl XLVIII at outdoor MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets and Giants and the first cold-weather venue to host the big game in league history. The Almanac folks are going so far as to use such epic words as "bitter," "piercing" and "biting" to describe what lies ahead on Feb. 2, 2014.

Storm Bowl. Snow Bowl. Get your clever names ready. And don't say they didn't warn us.

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How cold will it be? Allow Almanac managing editor Sandi Duncan to spell it out for you:

''We're using a very strong four-letter word to describe this winter, which is C-O-L-D. It's going to be very cold,'' Duncan said.

So will it ruin a good time? Likely not, save for whomever is chosen to play the halftime show. (We suggest that any wardrobe malfunctions only involve broken parka zippers.) Some of the league's most famous playoffs games have involved snow and cold, only adding to the gravitas of the events.

A brief list: The Tuck Rule game. Packers-Giants at Lambeau in 2007. The Ice Bowl. Red Right 88. The 1975 AFC title game in Pittsburgh and the '82 AFC title game in Cincinnati. The '34 and '48 NFL Championship games. Dozens more. In every case, the weather helped mythologize the game to another level.

You can bet that the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl Host Committee will be more than ready for the chance of bad weather with more than five months until the game. They even have it as a FAQ on their official website:

We’re excited to host the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl. In case of inclement weather, snow and ice removal are of the highest concern. An intricate and involved plan will be in place for snow and ice removal. Check this site as game day nears for more detailed weather and transportation updates so you can ensure your trip to the game is as smooth as possible, no matter the weather.

Feel better? Yeah, it might make things especially difficult that most game attendees will be staying in New York City hotels, which could be as far as 20 miles away (and the longest 20 miles you'll ever attempt to drive in your life). And it might not be too pleasant to hold your $13 light beer during the big game without the aid of some nice mittens.

But in a league that tries to control and manipulate every single element of its operation, the awarding of a Super Bowl to a cold-weather, outdoor venue seems like a breath of fresh air. Or, if you're the glass-half-empty type, make that a cold, piercing and bitter breath.

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