Fans could’ve been exposed to rabies during a Ravens game

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There was a bat flying around the stands at the Aug. 17 game between the Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions, and now, the good folks at the Maryland Department of Health are concerned about the spread of rabies.

If you were at the game and may have come in contact with the bat ‒ and reportedly, the bat did land on one fan, who swatted it away ‒ you should call your local health department, pronto. Also, please don't bite anyone.

According to WebMD, a person need not be bitten in order to get rabies. A bite or a scratch could be so small that it's undetectable by the eye, but it's big enough to transmit the virus. If it's possible at all that the thing touched you, really, go get tested.

Would you like to be terrified by some more rabies facts, courtesy of WebMD? Here you go:

Rabies in humans begins with symptoms such as fever, cough, or sore throat. Later, symptoms become more serious and can include restlessness, hallucinations, and seizures. The final stage is coma and death.

If you think you've been exposed to the rabies virus, it's very important to get medical care before symptoms begin. If symptoms appear, it's too late for a cure, and the infection will probably lead to death.

So yeah, that's pretty terrifying. If that nasty little creature was anywhere near you, don't mess around. And Baltimore, try to get your bats under control.

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