Undefeated Falcons find a way to pull out a win, again

The Falcons probably can't keep doing this and go to a Super Bowl.

They probably should have lost to Carolina at home two weeks ago and they really seemed like they were going to lose to Oakland at home again on Sunday.

But Atlanta is living a charmed life during its 6-0 start. And, to the Falcons' credit, they have been pretty clutch as well.

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The Falcons didn't have a Hail Mary from Matt Ryan to set up a field goal, like they did against Carolina, but a methodical, quick drive to set up Matt Bryant's 55-yard field goal for the win with one second left.

The Falcons got a gift well before that. With Oakland in field-goal range with just under three minutes to play, Carson Palmer telegraphed his pass to Denarius Moore and Asante Samuel made a great play. Samuel jumped the route, stepping in front of Moore for the interception, and thanks to Palmer's attempt (and the term "feeble attempt" has never been more accurate) at a tackle, the Falcons had a go-ahead 79-yard touchdown.

The Falcons probably should have had the win sealed up then. But they let the Raiders and Palmer rally and go 80 yards to tie the game. That's not a good sign from a team with some legitimately high hopes for this season.

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But great teams also can pull miracles out of their hat, and the Falcons did that yet again. Ryan, as usual, calmly moved the Falcons 43 yards, to get just inside Bryant's range. After the Raiders called a timeout, Bryant made a practice attempt that sailed well left. But when it counted, Bryant's kick went through for 23-20 victory and the Falcons stayed undefeated.

Atlanta is in a great place after six weeks, but the Falcons might want to not make it so tough on themselves every week.

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