Falcons get the benefit of a controversial call, Jim Harbaugh goes ballistic (VIDEO)

Watch Harry Douglas' fourth-quarter catch a dozen times and you might change your opinion on the call each time.

Catch? Not a catch? Depending who you are rooting for, the answer might be different.

Well, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had his answer. And when the play was ruled a catch, Harbaugh went nuts.

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The officials came back with the ruling that Douglas made the catch. Harbaugh went crazy, doubling over in disbelief and then flipping his headset away.

Harbaugh got the last laugh when his 49ers ended up winning the NFC Championship Game, but his reaction will go down as one of the funnier reactions to a call you'll see.

The Falcons had a third down with about four minutes to go, trailing the 49ers 28-24 on Sunday. Douglas, the Falcons' slot receiver, got free and was wide open. He probably should have caught it easily and gained a lot of yards after the catch, but being so open seemed to throw him off, and he stumbled.

As Douglas went down, the ball jarred loose a bit. Did he maintain control of the ball or did it hit the ground? The officials called it a catch, and the 49ers challenged. The replay didn't give a black-and-white answer. The ball was moving but it was tough to tell if he lost it or not.

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Mike Periera, the NFL's former vice president of officiating, in the Fox booth said that he didn't think there was conclusive proof to overturn the call.

"I think it's a call you have to make," Periera said.

The call won't be nearly as controversial going forward because the 49ers got a huge fourth-down stop on the Falcons inside the two-minute warning to take over on downs. But it was the kind of play that shows how tough a call can be, even with the use of slow-motion replay. Especially when you have a coach ready to rage if the call doesn't go his way.

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