Fake Tom Brady gains attention at media day, sort of resembles Tom Brady

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

A Missouri man who sort of looks like Tom Brady, if Tom Brady still rocked long hair and ever had a beard, drew the attention of the press at Tuesday's Super Bowl media day in Indianapolis.

Nick Lower, 26, shares the same pigmentation and hair color as the New England Patriots quarterback. That, combined with a No. 12 jersey, actual NFL pants, cleats and some eye black stickers was enough to land some interviews and photos while the Pats fielded questions at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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"This was my Halloween costume this year," Lower told Dan Hanzus of NFL.com, "so we saw the Patriots were coming to Indianapolis [and] being from Columbia, Mo., we thought we'd take the trip and make an effort to see the Patriots and see them at media day."

Lower told reporters he was surprised at the attention he was getting.

"I didn't really expect this," he said while wearing full pads and game pants. "I figured all the attention would be on the players, but I guess I get a glimpse of what Tom Brady deals with every day."

Clearly he overestimated the availability of legitimate news that comes out of Super Bowl media day.

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