Ex-Ram D'Marco Farr accuses Marc Bulger of lacking charisma

It seems like half the quarterbacks in the world have been mentioned as possible quarterbacks for the Rams in 2010. Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick and Sam Bradford have all been projected to fill the slot.

But Marc Bulger's(notes) still around, and despite having cleaned out his locker weeks ago, he hasn't been ruled out by the Rams as a possibility.

Former teammate D'Marco Farr, however, thinks that the Marc Bulger era needs to end. He sort of complimented Bulger, but also sort of slammed him, implying that Bulger has roughly the same leadership and huddle command as a stick of margarine. Here's what Farr told the NFL Network (courtesy of The Huddle):

"I think that ship has sailed. I think Marc Bulger has played his last snap for the St. Louis Rams, and I'm confident in saying that. Now there's a guy with all the talent in the world in my opinion. Has the same brain as Kurt Warner(notes); they were trained under the same guy in Mike Martz. But absolutely no charisma. I mean the quarterback position is the guy everyone on the team wants to be. I don't think anyone wants to be Marc Bulger, so they're gonna need a new quarterback coming into 2010, either through free agency or through the draft."

"It's a sad deal because the guy can wing the football. I mean the guy can flat play. But it's just -- he has absolutely zero presence. Kyle Boller(notes) had a bigger presence than Marc Bulger did last season, and Kyle Boller is not half the player Marc Bulger is."

Farr says he thinks the Rams should go after a quarterback in free agency, but if they do, here's the question: If Marc Bulger does indeed have all the talent in the world, can wing the football and can flat play ... is there a better option out there in free agency? Who do you want? Can any other quarterback on the free-agent market offer even that much? You bring someone else in, and even if he has the charisma of Hulk Hogan, if he can't play, he can't play. Aren't you still better off with Bulger?

If the Rams deem the quarterback position something they have to upgrade immediately, to me, it seems like they've got to do that through the draft or a trade. There's no point in signing a guy who is, at best, a lateral move from Bulger. Their options for QB upgrade are draft, trade or nothing.

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