Everyone on Twitter hates Braylon Edwards

I bet when Braylon Edwards(notes) woke up this morning, he had no inkling that today he would be 1) the newest member of the New York Jets, and 2) one of the hottest trending topics on Twitter.

He's both, though. For some reason, the users of Twitter have decided to pile on Braylon, speculating about all of the worthless things for which he might have been traded. Why this happened, I have no idea, but the Twitter users of the world seem to really, really enjoy poking fun at Braylon Edwards. Here's a sampling:


ReadBeanpie #braylongottradedfor Boardwalk and a Get out of Jail free card.

LuckyLefty927 I just got off of ESPN.com and they said #braylongottradedfor a slice of Junior's cheesecake and some Cambodian breast milk.

KenDorseyforsix #BraylonGotTradedFor Ken Dorsey's(notes) arm strength

TriLamJae #braylongottradedfor Joey Harrington(notes) and his piano

Da_Bean_Counter #braylongottradedfor a block of Government Cheese

peteyd18 So I heard #braylongottradedfor Dick Clark, to help the Ball Drop on New Years.

22MikeMo22 #braylongottradedfor a brett favre jet jersey

ItzTrizz617 #braylongottradedfor Mike Vick's PETCO Pals card

thenamesNICE #braylongottradedfor mr.perfect's chewing gum b4 a wrestling match

liniapolis #braylongottradedfor "QB Eagles" off Tecmo Super Bowl, circa 1991

nowwhy #braylongottradedfor a flobee and 7 pounds of air

ThroatChopU #braylongottradedfor a 2 yr beeper plan w/voicemail

JeffStarcher #braylongottradedfor a pair of Crocs and a Snuggie


Personally, I think Cleveland made out pretty well with the Crocs/Snuggie package. It might not seem like much right now, but wait until Eric Mangini is on the sidelines, warm and toasty with full arm mobility, while his feet enjoy the comfort, practicality and fashion of a good pair of Crocs. Score.

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