If I ever encounter a genie, I hope it doesn't turn out to be this racist

If it is, though, I'm going to rub the magic lamp, a genie's going to pop out of it and say, "Hello, sir! You've found a magic genie. I can offer you three wishes, but one of them will have to be the subjugation of Asian-Americans and 100 free sales leads." I hate genies like that.

I speak, of course, of the blatantly racist SalesGenie.com ad during last night's Super Bowl. There's really only one way to measure the success of an advertisement, and that's by how much money it ends up making a company. Whether that's through a direct sales pitch, or by just building brand awareness, it's an easily measurable thing. And by that standard, SalesGenie.com had a pretty successful ad last night.

Unfortunately, the SalesGenie people probably won't pay much of a price for the blatantly racist nature of the ads. The spot got attention. It's still getting attention. When you're in advertising, there's very rarely any such thing as negative attention.

And for the same reasons that the people who put the ad together don't mind being racist, if a potential customer thinks they can use SalesGenie.com to make money, they'll do it.

A spokesman for an Asian-Pacific Americans advocacy group, OCA,told Jeff Bercovici of Portfolio.com:

"We found it really racist. We'll be discussing how to respond once we have everybody in the office, but some of our members have already been contacting us. It was really offensive."

Well, that's hard to imagine. A Panda with a mocking, cartoon-ish, "Asian" voice is offensive? My word! The next thing you know, someone will tell me that minstrel shows weren't a positive and uplifting experience for black people.

It's just sad and somewhat sick that ultimately, there won't be much in the way of repercussions for the people responsible for the ad. It is pure, clear, unfiltered racism, and it will likely be profitable. The only price to pay will be of the conscience, but something tells me anyone responsible for letting that ad get to the air isn't going to suddenly develop a conscience at this point.

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