ESPN had ‘RGIII injury camera’ ready if the Redskins quarterback went down

Anwar S Richardson
Shutdown Corner

ESPN’s camera crew was apparently ready for anything that could happen to Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III during his return after knee surgery on Monday Night Football.

And if Griffin went down in pain, ESPN was prepared for that horrible outcome.

Adam Bitely sat behind an ESPN camera and decided to take a picture last night. What he captured were the cameraman’s five points of emphasis when Philadelphia faced Washington, which he posted on Twitter:

Here is the paraphrased version of those notes:

1. Skins offense – RGIII injury watch (never leave him and follow to the bench on every series).

2. Stay with RGIII if there is an injury issue, fatigue or frustration.

3. When RGIII throws a touchdown pass, be ready to pick up his parents or Dr. James Andrews (physician who operated on Griffin's knee).

4. Focus on Jim Haslett (Redskins defensive coordinator) on offense to use as a possible split screen with Chip Kelly.

5. In the pregame, ISO RGIII when he runs out of the tunnel, a touchdown run, pass after a big play, or when he receives a big hit.

This is definitely not a huge surprise.

ESPN has given its viewers nonstop Griffin coverage for months. The network has covered everything from Griffin's knee to what type of bucket hat he likes to wear in practice. With so much time invested in Griffin, Monday night was a big event for the quarterback - and ESPN.

While it might be interesting to know ESPN was waiting for Griffin's injury, the reality is many people were watching last night to see if it happened.

Thankfully, for Griffin, the worst did not occur.

But if it did, ESPN was prepared.

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