Erin Andrews gets an epic photobombing from a couple of disturbing fans

Shutdown Corner

Ah, live TV in front of the Great Unwashed mass of fandom. You never know what you're going to get, but in this era of manufactured wackiness, you know it's going to be nutty. So, yes, while this masterful photobombing via spooky beard dude and dreadlocked cat is doing the proverbial "viral" trip around the web, we're just a wee bit suspicious. After all, that video above was put on Fox Sports' own YouTube channel. So if the suspiciously well-scrubbed duo happens to be some kind of wacky comedy team, or a pair of brotastic bros bro'in it up in the new sitcom "Brotown," don't be surprised. We're all pretty suspicious these days.

[UPDATE: We've received word from an apparently knowledgeable source that, in fact, these two are just everyday guys on a road trip, and apparently not aligned with any kind of promotional endeavor. Good for them.]

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