Eric Decker has a magnificent punt return, then trips over his feet in the open field

You see NFL players do superhuman things, and then look very human ... all on the same play sometimes.

Denver's Eric Decker had a superb punt return late in the second quarter against San Diego. He had five Chargers defenders get a hand on him, and some really had him wrapped up, but he kept breaking free. It was a great run and after Decker got past punter Mike Scifres, he was in the open field as the crowd rose for what looked like a sure touchdown.

Then Decker tripped on the turf and fell on his face.

Now, perhaps it was a delayed effect from Scifres getting a good piece of Decker's legs as he ran through him, and that's what eventually caused Decker to go down. But it sure looked like he just tripped, like any of us clumsily stumbling all over ourselves at home. Decker's trip looked even worse when Peyton Manning threw an interception at the end of that drive.

Even though it was pretty costly for the Broncos, there was something humorous about seeing such an unbelievable run by a great player end with him tripping over the 40-yard line and falling flat.

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