New England’s Rob Gronkowski paid $100 at a New Orleans radio row lemonade stand

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

There's a fair chance you've run a lemonade stand at some point in your life. You were inspired by wanting to buy a toy or help out a friend or the idea of a full piggy bank. You set up a table, had your mom or dad help make the lemonade, and if you walked away with any money, you had a great day.

But did you have the inspiration to set it up in one of the most-heavily trafficked spots in New Orleans? Because a boy selling lemonade near radio row did. He was visited by New England Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski. Not only did Gronk buy a cup of lemonade from the young man, but he also paid $100 for it. It was a pretty nice way to spend his cash.

Gronkowski overpaid at a lemonade stand and J.J. Watt "proposed" to a young fan. It's nice to know the people we all watch every Sunday can be really, really awesome.

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