Eli Manning's signature ups the value of new Cowboys Stadium

The picture to your right was supposedly taken of a concrete column in the visitor's locker room of the new Cowboys Stadium, sometime after Eli Manning and the Giants spoiled the opening of the new building. If you hadn't gathered it from the photo, the Giants beat the Cowboys 33-31 on September 20th of 2009.

I can't vouch for the authenticity of the picture, signature or mild act of vandalism it represents. A reader sent it in to NBCDFW.com, alongside other claims that the Giants had treated the shiny new locker room with disrespect. I will admit, though, that if Eli had left his signature on the new building, I'd find it pretty damn amusing, as well as an indication of an ornery side of Eli that I didn't know existed.

The signature does look like Eli's, though that doesn't rule out some Photoshop magic. Eric Kreindler at the Blue Star wasn't able to get anyone in the Cowboys organization to respond to questions about it.

I'm going to choose to believe it's real, just because life is more fun that way. It's amusing, too, to picture Jerry Jones being alerted to the signature, turning red, and then wondering if there's any way he could get away with having Eli killed.

Gracias, Blue Star.