Eli Manning tells ‘SportsDash’ that he once dunked on brother Peyton

Someone really needs to leak a home movie of this: Eli Manning dunking on Peyton Manning back in the day.

Not just dunking on him, Eli said on the premiere episode of "SportsDash" on the NBC Sports Network (weekdays at noon Eastern time), but doing it while he was in high school.

"I know he doesn't like when I tell people I beat him in basketball and dunked on him, and that he got upset about it," Eli Manning told "SportsDash." "But that was a long time ago; I was in high school."

That's no small feat. Eli is almost five years younger than Peyton, so Eli (so he claims) threw one down on Peyton when his older brother was either a starting SEC quarterback or already in the NFL. It's fair to assume Peyton doesn't have a ridiculous vertical leap, but he's still 6-5, 230 pounds. Not too easy to dunk on.

Who knows if Eli was dropping an inside joke (the Manning boys have quite the sense of humor) but we prefer to visualize Eli on Peyton in the Manning family's driveway like this:

The sibling rivalry has been discussed a lot, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with them. Peyton has gotten uncomfortable any time he has played Eli and the Giants, and probably will again when his Broncos play the Giants on Sept. 15. Eli said he's happy to have a brother like Peyton to talk shop with, and really, that has to help him tremendously as a quarterback to have a future Hall of Famer to bounce things off of.

"We get along great, and we do support each other now that we're in the same profession," Eli Manning told "SportsDash." "We try to help each other out, we know this job is tough. It's so nice to have a best friend and a brother you can talk to about football."

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